Author: Daddy B

Daily Reminder: Owl city has straight clappers

Here I am perusal, browsing Twitter and Instagram for hilarious memes that I can send to my boys. I stumbled across something that I haven't heard in a while. Nostalgia is what you would call it. The song "Fire Flies" by Owl City has become prominent again. I found multiple meme pages using this as … Continue reading Daily Reminder: Owl city has straight clappers


Best Of Twitter Week 2

Twitter was on an Absolute hot streak noticeably with the trending memes of the #mockingspongebob and #BowWowChallenge. I want to share my favorite posts from each of those challenges because this shit is absolutely hilarious. #MockingSpongebob Unfortunately Quavos way better than the other two migos. Hopefully they don't break up that would be tragic. … Continue reading Best Of Twitter Week 2