Best of Twitter this week


I’m going to start a new segment on this blog called best of twitter this week. EVERY SUNDAY. This will mostly comprise of memes, shit from black twitter, sports stuff thats hilarious, and anything that I thought was fucking hilarious from this week from twitter. I will also add additional comments under each picture. Giving you my impaired insights from each post

Without further a due WEEK 1 of best of twitter:

Credit: Barstool Sports

I fucking love this because we all know this man hasn’t even seen a classroom during his time at Ohio St. But hilarious move by Cardale I applaud. I love Cradle the mans a winner, ever since he beat that make a wish kid in the hospital by a 1,000 in madden, I’ve viewed this man as a profit. I Hope he gets drafted to the browns and wins them there first Super Bowl.

Credit: Legends of Chamberlin Heights

I Love all videos of black people doing reckless shit on an outside basketball court; its going to end up  good. This man literally sounds like a duck or a windex bottle. Why is it amusing? I don’t know.  But I watched it 30 times

Ok, Im not a homophobe. I’m a supporter of the LGBTQ community, BUT FAM. Who the fuck left there black vibrating dildo in the club house, THE FUCK?! I have so much to say about this. Like why is there a fucking dildo in your locker man. And it was charging which means you left the charger there and have used it in the clubhouse. “Alright boys just gonna hit the stall for a quick anal pounding from this monster dildo, before we hit some BP”. Not giving a single fuck if anyone sees the monstrosity dildo cock, with a ginormous snake like vein wrapped around it. Doesn’t getting this shoved in your anal cavity effect your performance? FAM, This is unbelievable. This is like if I went to my 9-5 desk job and had a dildo on my desk. Pretending it was any other necessity in the office like a pencil, eraser, ruler, FUCKING DILDO. I would get fired so quick yo, do that shit in private please. I can’t. SOMEONE GET THEiR MAN. this made me laugh tho, I’m weak. poor look for the mets

I almost guaranteed after laying this hit he went “This is my hoopmixtape”. He laid this hit with the power of a million slaps my mom gave me when I refused to wear my sweater during the annual 4th grade christmas concert. This man got hit harder than the beat drop on “Father Strecth My Hands Pt.1”

I love this, what do you think is going through the mind of two chains at this very moment. hahahahahhahahah. too funny

The feds are watching on some two chains shit. YO this is also life though, when you’re trashed and you’re  around the police. This is how any homo-sapian will act. I Also love how he absolutely misses his mouth 5 times in a row, this shit had me weak…. weaker than 7 days

this is the fucking best shit I saw yo hahaha. Oh my god. I absolutely love this. It’s like the NBA draft. With the 12th pick in the first round, Darius picks Shontell Remy to become her baby mama. hahahah. I’m finna do this someday

You shouldn’t only appreciate this because its a great motif of the infamous pizza episode  on “Spongebob SquarePants” but its hilarious. Brings back Great memories of when daddy V did this at URI, with a buffalo chicken pizza at 3am

This kid looks like he’s clapping cheeks with that shirt on. I would pay at least $60 dollars for that T-shirt. Fucki it, I would pay the price of the “ZO2” for that shirt. And Look at him he’s in the DVD section. About to pick up Legally Blonde for movie night, for him and his two side chicks. That he will be ruthlessly smashing tonight on his race car bed next to his moms room.

I wish I could hit that dance move he busts at the end of this video. This move is done to perfection. There is not a doubt in my mind I’m leaving the party with an Uber XL full of Barstool Smokeshoes if I hit that perfectly on the counter top of a house party. So smooth bruh


MORE LIFE MORE EVERYTHING. “Straight up no I cannot”. Im weaker Than Impaired Insights writer “Papa” on the bench press, with this one. Like obviously you can’t handle that amazonian smoke, you poor rendition of Ron Weasly looking ass. Fucking Brian Scalabrine’s retarded nephew looking ass. Please get your ugly ass. If I saw this kid pulling ass like that, it would be inspiring though. Keep grinding homie.


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