Impaired Insights NBA Playoff Predictions – Round 2

Impaired Insights NBA Playoff Predictions – Round 2

Eastern Conference 

(1) BOS vs (4) WAS

Floyd: Celtics match up great with Washington. Big Al the 2nd can work Gortat even though he’s taller and Bradley and Smart can prove why they are the best backcourt neutralizers in the game. On the offensive end Isaiah can match anyone’s production (even though he only had one good game in the first round). However with all that said I don’t trust Boston at all and I never will. Celtics in 7 

Papa: Washington will forever be an average team in the east who will never do anything. Definitely solid enough to win a few games but I can not see this team ever closing out a big series. Celtics in 6

Michaels: A series this close will be decided by two things, home court advantage and coach’s ability to adjust. I expect a real back and forth series where the favorite isn’t clear until the series is over. Celtics in 7.

Nate: I like the Celtics but I just don’t think they’re ready for this.  I think the Wizards match up too well against the Celtics. IT is a defensive liability on the perimeter. Wall and Beal will be too much.  Wizards in 7.

(2) CLE vs (3) TOR

Floyd: The Raptors looked like shit in the beginning of the first round but turned it around nicely. Cleveland still hasn’t hit the on button yet as they won the worst sweep of a series ever, with absolutely God awful defense. I kind of expect them to sleepwalk the beginning of this series and get down 2-1 and then remember, oh yea it’s the playoffs…maybe we should try now. Cavs in 6.

Papa: I’m not positive how many games but that doesn’t really matter. Lebron James is in Cleavands roster and not Toronto, and the last time I checked LeBron will be back in the finals. Cavs in 4

Michaels: The Raptors didn’t impress as much as expected in the first round but seemed to get their shit together by the end for the most part. I don’t expect their role players to play as bad as they were playing. The Cavs got a nice sweep but showed that the weaknesses that hurt them in the regular season are still present in the playoffs. Lebron will carry them through this series but I expect them to go into the conference finals with people’s confidence in them hindered. Cavs in 6.

Nate: After seeing what Lebron did to the Pacers last round it is clear that there is no way Toronto will win this series.  The Raps will be lucky if this series makes it to 6.  Cavs in 5.

Western Conference 

(1) GSW vs (4/5) UTA/LAC 

Floyd: Don’t care who wins game 7, Warriors in 4. Next.

Papa: Utah and LA unfortunately both have no shot. The 4-8 seeds would’ve all been swept by GS, only chance to stop them is Spurs or Rockets. 

Michaels: The Warriors are really fucking good. Warriors in 4.

Nate: Golden State is blessed with playing another bum team in the second round.  Warriors in 4.

(2) SAS vs (3) HOU

Floyd: The Spurs were 3-1 against the Rockets in the regular season, but I think this a nightmare scenario for them. OKC was exposed for it’s approach to defending the pick and roll with the big (usually Adams) being too far away and letting Gordon/Williams/Harden penetrate every time and do what they please. Harden is possibly injured but still playing at a high enough level to execute and be very effective, the Spurs interior big men will not be quick enough to match D’antoni’s fast, aggressive offense. Rockets in 6

Papa: Kawhi Leonard is gonna be covering James Harden and this time the Rockets can’t just foul Kawhi to get him benched because Kawhi will go 100/100 from the line. Obviously Harden will still ball but I see the Spurs taking this in 6 in what will be the best series of the playoffs until the big rematch that we all knew was coming, right after game 7 ended last year.

Michaels: This probably gonna be the best series so far. The Spurs had to work hard against the Grizzlies but I don’t think that will slow them down. The Rockets were able to get away with shooting poorly from deep against the Thunder but they won’t be able to get away with that against the Spurs. The Spurs bench will neutralize the Rockets and I see the Spurs taking his one. Spurs in 6.

Nate: “Let’s go Spurs!”  Kawhi Leonard is an emotionless sociopath.  That’s why people love him, they can relate to him.  Another reason people love him is because he is the best player in the NBA and my pick to win MVP.  Spurs in 7.


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