Wes Scantlin Would’ve Been The Next Kurt Cobain If He Could’ve Just Been A Functioning Junkie

Wes Scantlin Would’ve Been The Next Kurt Cobain If He Could’ve Just Been A Functioning Junkie

In 2002, Puddle of Mudd was clearly on a fast-track to the top of the music world.  They had just released their first major studio album Come Clean which would later go triple platinum.  Their hit single Blurry had reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 of the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.  Due to Blurry‘s success, Puddle of Mudd was awarded both Rock Artist of the Year and Rock Track of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards.

This is when lead singer Wes Scantlin should’ve killed himself.  Pull a Cobain.  Go out on a high note like George Costanza.  

It hasn’t been a good 15 years for him.  Here’s his very long arrest/mistake history (it’s pretty long):

3/10/2002 – Investigated for domestic violence

Rock n’ Roll baby.  Publicity 101.  You’re not a superstar until you and your wife both get arrested for domestic abuse.  Neither were charged nor seriously hurt, so I’m not an asshole for saying that.

9/24/2007 – Handed a lifetime ban from Graceland

Wes thought it would be cool to take a dip in Elvis Presley’s pool.  It wasn’t.  But hey, shooters gotta shoot.

12/12/2011 – Failed to pay $60,000 in back taxes

Plenty of celebrities do it.  Lionel Messi did it.  Martha Stewart did it.  Why can’t Wes Scantlin do it?

4/4/2012 – Charged with cocaine possession

The reality of it is he was probably in possession of coke for about 20 years.  Kind of a dick move to bust him for it.

9/4/2012 – Arrested for public intoxication on a plane

Doubt he was aware that laws exist up in the sky.  Can’t hold it against him.

5/7/2013 – Arrested for outstanding warrants

A little game of “Catch Me If You Can” never hurt anyone.

5/13/2013 – Arrested again for domestic abuse

Same woman from 2002, except this time it was very one-sided.  He allegedly tried to drag her.  Can’t really back him up on that one.

6/24/2013 – Arrested for vandalizing neighbors property with a chainsaw

Wes claimed his neighbor vandalized his shit first.  You get what you deserve.  Eye for an eye.

1/5/2014 – Sued by American Express for not paying credit card bill

He’s a rock-star, not an accountant.  Sometimes people lose track of that shit.

4/16/2014 – Lip-syncing accusations/On-stage meltdown

TRIGGERED.  After being accused of lip-syncing by a fan during a show he swung a microphone in his face and stormed off-stage.

1/16/2015 – Arrested at airport for going for a ride on the baggage carousel

Probably didn’t have time to hit the theme park between shows.  Gotta let this man-child have a little bit of fun.

4/2/15 – On-stage meltdown

Destroyed almost all equipment used.  Quite the power move.

4/15/2015 – Disorderly conduct 

This happened in a Milwaukee airport.  No details were released.  He was probably riding on the baggage carousel again.

6/20/2015 – Booed off stage

Ever seen someone on Twitter go “delete your Twitter”? Well, Puddle of Mudd deleted their Facebook after this one.

7/26/2015 – DUI

Saw the cops behind him trying to pull him over, so he sped up and topped 100 mph to makes things worse.

8/5/2015 – Another DUI

2 DUIs in a 2 week span.  This man was on pace for 52 a year.

12/26/2015 – Drug possession

Drugs and Wes go together like peanut butter and jelly.

1/10/2016 – More property vandalization

This house that he vandalized once belonged to him.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he forgot he had moved out.

1/30/2016 – Ends show to accuse fan of stealing the home that he had vandalized 3 weeks prior

You can’t steal a home, dude.  Like, it’s not something you can just pick up and run away with.

3/10/2016 – Refuses to step outside and talk to police

30 armed officers were needed to defuse the situation.  Clever distraction to let the rest of Los Angeles do whatever they wanted.

3/22/2016 – Puddle of Mudd ditches Wes during show

Wes began having another meltdown and by the time he turned around his boys were “Already Gone“.

3/24/2016 – Another meltdown

No comment.

4/30/2016 – Arrested for skipping court date

Can’t blame a guy for not showing up if he doesn’t even know what year it is.

8/23/2016 – Arrested for building fake bomb to scare away car thieves

Yeah man, car thieves.  Probably the same thieves that stole your house.

All we can do is hope that Wes gets enough help make more music, but a former music journalist friend of the website who is friends with Puddle of Mudd’s manager says there’s no way they can get him into the studio, never mind sing a song.  So I guess this is the end.


Wes Scantlin


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