Why Russell Westbrook Is My Favorite Basketball Player

Why Russell Westbrook Is My Favorite Basketball Player

The Thunder’s season is over so I thought it would be a good time to talk about why I love Russell Westbrook. I think if I had to say one specific reason why he’s my favorite is that he stays true to himself and his team & I admire that. He’s just Brodie being Brodie.

The first thing I wanna talk about is his loyalty. I get the NBA is a business and some people make financially based decisions to decide where they play, but even after KD’s departure he ended up signing a contract extension when he could’ve just walked next year. Although I think OKC is still a very competitive team with a tough Center in Steven Adams, a good 2 guard in Oladipo and some good defense in Roberson(btw did you guys see him at the free throw line against the rockets? I felt so bad but at the same time practice shooting free throws holy shit) Westbrook could’ve easily put himself on a better team with more to work with but he’s “loyal to the soil” and said there’s no place he’d rather play besides in OKC. And no matter who you are you have to respect that.

Next reason to love Russ is that he is a complete gamer. Russ has one goal in every game he’s in and it’s just simply to win. He doesn’t care how or what happens he just wants the W. Russ might be the most competitive player in the league and that’s what puts him on top. Because of his will to win he has a motor that doesn’t stop and he goes 100 mph for 4 quarters. Obviously Russ has crazy athletic ability and quickness but when you combine that with how hard he goes it’s fucking scary for other teams. Most of these top players nowadays don’t really give their all but not Russ. No matter where’s he’s playing or no matter how old he is he will always be out there giving 110% trying to get his team the win.

I also think the reason I like him the most is that he doesn’t give a single fuck what anyone thinks. Russ just says it how it is. Give him a fine, tech, whatever you want but Russ is gonna speak his mind. He doesn’t stand for anyone’s bullshit and I absolutely love it. I feel like a lot of people think he’s very childish or is acting like a bitch when he goes off on reporters, players or even fans but those are probably the same idiots who think he shouldn’t be MVP. Blows my mind how someone can lead the league in scoring, break a triple double record, average a triple double, bring a team that had serious doubts into the playoffs, and have four 50+ point games all in the same season and people think Harden should get it because his team which is better than the Thunder finished 8 games above them. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. And even tho he is a very serious person Russ loves to have fun playing the game he loves. He’s always dancing and having a lit ass time. Seeing this chill/fun side to a guy that when he hits the court is all business is very cool to see. 

I hope Russ never changes for no one and keeps ballin the fuck out. The man is a beast no matter what anyone says and will forever be one of my favorite guys to watch. How can you not like a guy like that?



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