My School is Mad That I Fucked the System and Is Now Trying to Ruin My Life

My School is Mad That I Fucked the System and Is Now Trying to Ruin My Life

It took them a while, but they finally exposed me. 

It all started this past summer when my school started selling parking passes. It usually sells out quick and kids were buying them at a rapid rate. A parking pass at my school is $60 for a whole year. Some could argue that’s expensive while others might say just get it it’s not that bad. The first thing I thought is no matter what the price is, why the fuck should I have to pay for parking to go to a school which I have to go to everyday against my will. So I said fuck it went to the local craft store and got some supplies I’m making my own. 

So the plan was to make an exact replica of the schools parking pass to use so I don’t have to pay $60. The first step was to have my boy send me a picture of his pass which he did. Then I got some lamination paper. I went to Walgreens and got the picture printed out a bunch of different sizes until I found “just the right size” (shit came out like 3 inches too big). I said fuck it because it looked good enough, laminated that sucker and slapped it in my car and if I’m gonna be honest I was proud as fuck at myself. Everytime I looked at the pass I’d get this little delinquent grin like I was some murderer who got off free of his crime. 

If I’m gonna be honest the first few weeks of school everyday I was absolutely shitting bricks, panicking that they were gonna find out. This was during football season and I really wasn’t trying to get kicked off but I finessed and they never suspected a thing. 

Fast forward to April as I’m walking out of my school for internship my dean stops me and says “Hey I was just looking for you, we need to go out to your car”. Now I usually am a pretty good kid don’t do much wrong but at that exact moment I sat there and re-evaluated everything I’ve ever done in my life. To be honest the first thing that I thought was that someone ratted me out for alcohol and I have a 30 rack and some bottles in my trunk. But I was like nah that’s not in my car, what the fuck do they need in my car. I’m just sitting there waiting for my dean smiling acting innocent as fuck when he goes “some parents have been calling saying that some kid is selling fake parking passes and they are mad because they have to pay for parking”.

At this point I was like, fuck it at least I’m not going to jail. I thought they exposed me for drugs or alcohol this is just some pussy shit. I was like damn right I made a fake pass did you really think I was paying $60 to park here. And just when I thought it wasn’t a big deal, Mr. Bigman decides it’s time to be a real dickhead. “You think you can cheat the system”. “You think you’re better than everyone else”. First he takes the pass, then he takes some pictures of my car. So I’m apparently banned from the school parking lot & also they are still talking over if I’m going to get suspended. I told him I didn’t sell them, which I didn’t but because some nosey parent wants to jive up a story I’m getting put into big predicaments.Keep in mind I’m a fucking senior with less than a month left of school and now I can’t drive myself to school and I’m not gonna be able to go to my internship and could possibly get a suspension. I get that I exposed their weak body system but should It really be that big of a deal? I could really care less but why put me through all of this bullshit when I have a month of school left? Fuck me right? 


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