Malaysian Guy Beating His Dick Before Escaping on a Moped is Just Misunderstood 

Malaysian Guy Beating His Dick Before Escaping on a Moped is Just Misunderstood 

Metro – A search is underway for a moped-riding pervert who pulls up alongside women, masturbates and rides away.The suspect, who appears to be middle-aged, wears a helmet throughout to conceal his identity as he exposes himself in front of his victims.

One of the women he targeted managed to film him from inside a vehicle across the street, in footage she then posted online to try and identify him.

It shows the man pleasure himself openly in the middle of an affluent street in the middle of the day.

Ahh, good old Malaysia. When they’re not making planes disappear, they’re the best midlife crisis ever I mean how do you top buying a Ferrari you can’t afford or a Harley Davidson that you ride once a year? Just get a fucking moped to get you out of some sticky situations. 

Drive-by jack offs are pretty hard to pull off. You gotta cum right up to them because Malaysians probably got the whole Asian small unit thing, you gotta make sure they can see what’s happening. And you need to keep your identity secret, that helmet needs to stay on 24/7 like a Scooby Doo villian. 

But my biggest question is how do you stay arroused? Is it the adrenaline? Maybe the drive-bys are just a little self foreplay before wifeys home, ya know spice things up with your age, keep it interesting? 

And what happens if a lady becomes turned on? You gonna fuck her on the street in that stupid helmet? That’s fucking awesome. Long live the Malaysian Masturbator. 


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