Fast Food Power Rankings: Who’s the Top Dog of the “Big 3”?

Fast Food Power Rankings: Who’s the Top Dog of the “Big 3”?

Here it is, the big debate. Everyone at some point discusses this. McDonalds, Burger King & Wendys. I know that the numbers have McDonalds as the perennial powerhouse as they have been bringing in the most money for a while but things are starting to even out. Here’s the break down:

Burgers- My early take is that, Wendy’s has the best beef, Burger King has the most flavor, and McDonald’s has the best cheese. I’m not sure if I’m a freak for praising the cheese on a burger but the McDonald’s burger tastes so good because of it. The burger is a flat patty and also not very flavorful but it still tastes good overall. Wendy’s “fresh never frozen” beef is no joke. Wendy’s burgers can honestly hang with some actual burger joints, and for a fast food restaurant thats impressive. Burger Kings bun has the seeds and they do some flame broiled shit that adds some serious flavor. 

Burger Rank:

1. Wendy’s 

2. Burger King 

3. McDonald’s 

Chicken Nuggets- Once again like the burgers all three are so much uniquely different. There’s something about the McDonald’s nuggets that even though we know it’s not actually chicken it’s still so good. I feel like Burger King and Wendy’s chicken is a little more safe to eat and I’m not sure if price can effect taste but holy fuck does 10 nuggets for $1.49 have my dick more firm than a white man’s handshake. Wendy’s nuggets are nothing special to talk about especially since the assholes took the spicy nuggets off of the menu.

Nuggets Rank:


2. Wendy’s

3. Burger King 
Fries- McDonald’s are very good but very thin, Wendy’s fries are the right thickness but more of a potato like fry, and then there’s Burger King. Burger King fries are the reason I wanna keep living. The right thickness, texture, ammount of salt and even the right crunch. It’s honestly not really close on this one for me. Wendy’s and McDonald’s once again are good but just in this category BK has it figured out.

Fry Rank:

1. Burger King 

2. McDonald’s 

3. Wendy’s 

Overall as shitty as they may be for my health these restaurants put out great tasting food. Without fast food I really don’t know what I would do when I’m hammered drunk at 1 am looking for something to grub on, or even the next day when my head is throbbing during a hangover it just makes me feel better to grub a nice greasy fast food meal. So thank you fast food for tasting bomb as fuck, and here are my final rankings.

1. Wendy’s 

2. Burger King

3. McDonald’s 

Wendy’s gets #1 due to it’s overall freshness of food. Great flavors and great value. The 4 for 4 makes my wallet wet. I like pretty much everything on the menu, and oh yeah the soda fountain has like 1,000 options.

Burger King gets #2 because of its overall menu. Chicken fries might be the best thing I’ve ever ordered from a fast food place. Also a good value on the nuggets with 10 for $1.49.

McDonald’s should not be dissapointed taking #3. This is a personal list but for me McDonald’s just doesn’t have enough. Good nuggets burgers and fries but I honestly feel like there’s nothing else to get and besides the McPick 2 not many good deals. Also it pisses me off how they will name every item on the fucking menu “McSomething”

Side Note: Chick-Fil-A will put these to shame, and other fast foods are good but I wanted to keep the rivalry between the big 3.


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