A.J Mccarron is Opening a Sushi Restaurant in Alabama

First of all, great name choice by A.J. If you can’t appreciate a good play on words every once in awhile you’re not my type of person. 

Anyway, I think this move is genius. Clearly he peaked in college and unless Andy Dalton gets benched, I don’t see him doing much in the NFL. What better way to earn a little cash on the side than opening up a restaurant in the town were people treated you like a god. This place is gunna be booming with drunk college kids looking to support their former knight in shining armor. And, to top things off, it’s a build-your-own sushi bar. GENIUS. People love the idea of building their own food. Add that to sushi and you got yourself a franchise on your hands. Props to this guy for planning out the rest of his life and not just relying on his model wife’s career. 

P.S. You’re welcome for the publicity cause I know millions of people are gunna see this. 


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