David Fizdale Has the Whole City of Memphis Believing

David Fizdale Has the Whole City of Memphis Believing

The Grizzlies are a very average basketball team in the western conference. Star player Mike Conley is solid but he’s way over payed. And then there’s fundamentally sound big man Marc Gasol. Guy gets no recognition ever but has had a very solid career. No offense to the rest of the team but besides those two guys this is a very trash Memphis squad. 

In Fizdales first season as Head Coach he managed to get the Grizzlies a 43-39 record claiming the 7th seed in the western conference. Congrats you don’t have to play the Warriors but bad news the 2 seed is the Spurs. When you see a matchup like this as a coach every game you attend has to remind you of heading to a funeral. I mean besides the Patriots, the last time something was as dominant for as long as the Spurs have been dates back to 1933 when Hitler ruled Germany. Yes, I just compared the Spurs to a bunch of Nazis. Anyways like the power team they are they came out games 1 & 2 and beat the Grizzlies down for a 2-0 lead. But in game two there was some home cookin with the refs and a lot of one sided calls going the Spurs way. At the post game press conference Grizzlies Coach David Fizdale had had enough.


Ever since Fizdale went off in the post game press conference the Grizzlies have been rolling. They have knotted the series up at 2-2 with back to back home wins after Marc Gasols game winner last night. Some might think it’s just a coincidence but the reason the Grizzlies are winning is because of the fire that Fizdale sparked with his savage no fucks given comments at the shitty NBA officials. If the Grizzlies can pull off the upset and win the series Fizdale’s “Data” rant is gonna go down as an iconic moment in NBA history.


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