Review: General Mills Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

Review: General Mills Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

So General Mills dropped this absolute BOMB out of nowhere earlier this winter. Announced they were teaming up with Girl Scouts to make limited edition thin mint and caramel crunch cereal. This was like the cereal equivalent to Wojanowski announcing that Boogie Cousins got traded. Absolute cereal bomb. Panic in the streets. People raiding grocery stores like it’s Black Friday. Unfortunately the ghetto Shoprite next to my school doesn’t carry them but I was finally able to get my hands on some at Target when I went home for the weekend. As a huge cereal guy I figured I’d review them.

Thin Mint

Now the first thing you notice when you open the box is WOOOOOOOOOOOO that minty smell hits you in the face like a Floyd bitch slap. The pieces are a little bigger thank I thought they would be, with each piece being about the size of a penny. The color and texture is VERY similar to that of Coco Puffs.

I’m not a huge mint guy but I’ve always enjoyed the minty chocolate of thin mints. I was afraid that General Mills was gonna overdo it with the mint but I must say, they nailed the Thin Mint taste with this cereal. Just imagine if you took Coco Puff but took away half the chocolateness, and replaced it with mintiness. Near the bottom of the bowl it loses some flavor, but it is a lot less soggy than most cereal. This is the type of cereal you enjoy from start to finish. The aftermilk has a nice chocolate taste to it as well. I’d reccomend this cereal to anybody that loves Thin Mints. 

First Bite – 8.3/10

Bottom of the Bowl – 8.1/10

 Aftermilk – 8.5/10

Overall – 8.3/10

Caramel Crunch

The second cereal is Caramel Crunch, inspired by the samoas. Once again the pieces are on the bigger side. The shape and size greatly resemble that of Capn Crunch Sprinkled Donut Crunch.

General Mills once again did a great job of translating the taste of the cookie to the cereal. However, I feel like Samoas are too complex to fully repiclate in a cereal. Regardless, these are a great uniquely tasting cereal. It definitely earns the Crunch in the name because this packs the type of Crunch where you can’t even hear yourself think while chewing. As you get to the bottom of the bowl, that Crunch turns in a nice light Crunch that holds it’s flavor very nicely. The aftermilk isn’t anybody away but it adds a little bit of caramel flavor. Also about halfway through my second bowl I started to experience some pretty serious Capn Crunch gum shred, so beware of that.

First Bite – 8.6/10

Bottom of the Bowl – 9.0/10

Aftermilk -8.0/10

Overall – 8.7/10


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