REVIEW: Dunkin Donuts Peanut Butter Delight Croissant Donut

 REVIEW: Dunkin Donuts Peanut Butter Delight Croissant Donut

So Dunkin just released this new donut for Spring. Obviously Dunkin has always been huge in New England, but I feel like the younger generation is kind fading away from it, I always hear people complain about how shit it is. Here’s my consensus on Dunkin:

I don’t drink coffee but I heard it sucks

Their sandwiches and shit are edible but I’ll only get one if I really don’t have other options.

Their donuts and muffins are the best you’ll find in any big chain.

Anyway everybody knows that chocolate and peanut butter are the Jordan-Pippen of food combos so needless to say I was pretty excited to try this donut. However, this is a very interesting review that shows the inconsistencies of Dunkin. I bought this donut twice, on two different days, at the same Dunkin. Yet the quality differed greatly.

First you can see it is a glazed donut with chocolate swirl and filled with peanut butter. These are locally made and when you flip it over you can actually see the where the peanut butter was pumped in.Also it in a croissant style donut, so it is a little bigger than a regular. Right after one bite what is apparent is this thing is fucking filled with peanut butter, they didn’t fuck around. There is a little bit of a Reece’s taste to it, but there is so much more peanut butter than chocolate that you mainly taste the PB. I would prefer they put more chocolate on top, or even make a straight chocolate donut and fill that shit with peanut butter instead, but this donut still fucks. I’d recommend it to anybody who loves peanut butter. 9.3/10

HOWEVER, when I went to get another one the next day because I liked it so much, I got a very different result. There was barely even any peanut butter! While in the first one I got plowed with peanut butter every bite, this one there was literally only peanut butter over the four holes. It was just a glazed donut where I occasionally got some peanut butter. 6.5/10

The first donut was so great I’d still recommend it but beware: if you get shit don’t blame me. And Dunkin, be more consistent.


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