NBA Playoff Predictions – Round 1

NBA Playoff Predictions – Round 1

Eastern Conference

BOS(1) vs CHI(8)

Floyd: I expect a tough series in which the Bulls come out quick and punch us in the mouth at the Garden. All 3 of their “stars” will be extra motivated for their own reasons, and it is a scary thought. I think they go up 2-1 and realize they all hate each other and stop trying as the Celtics close out in 6 winning 3 straight.

Michaels- The Bulls were less of a cluster fuck when D-Wade was injured, so it will be interesting to see how they play with him back. Overall I think the Bull are talented enough to win at least one game in this series, but won’t pose a serious threat to Boston’s playoff run. Celtics in 5.

Nate: Celtics in 4.  They want revenge for that bullshit foul call in the game that was influenced by Vegas bookies.

Papa: Celtics are clearly the better team here. Jimmy Butler is simply not enough to get the job done. Celtics in 5.

CLE(2) vs IND(7)

Floyd: The Cavs have played one good game basically since 2016 ended. Are they still the most talented team in the east? By far, but I wonder how quick they’ll be to flip the switch in the first round. Paul George and Lance have had some great battles with LeBron already and I expect another one. Cavs in 7.

Michaels- Playoff Lebron usually takes a little to build steam, and the Cavs still have the worst coach in the NBA, but I still expect this to be the least stressful series for the Cavs. The Pacers have a great mix of young and experienced talent, but the Cavs match up well against their best players. Cavs in 6.

Nate: Cavs in 5 or 6.  They’re going to start the playoffs slow and catch fire and win the East.

Papa: If you ever bet against LeBron James in any round of the playoffs you are a fool. Lebron will make it to the finals every year until he retires. Cavs in 5.

TOR(3) vs MIL(6)

Floyd: Milwaukee’s just not ready for this spot. I think Toronto is very underrated and Derozan is ready to prove he’s elite this postseason. Look for a statement in the first round. Raptors in 5.

Michaels- The Raptors are the most dangerous team in the playoffs this year and I expect them to show it in this series. They are 17-7 since acquiring Tucker and Ibaka and the deadlin and are in my unbiased opinion the favorites to win the east. As great as Gianni’s is I don’t expect and takeover peformances in his first playoff series. Toronto in 5.

Nate: Raptors are a contender and will win this series easily.  Toronto in 4.

Papa: Raptors are too talented to beat the the “bucks”. Team should be renamed to the “Anteto however the fuck you spell his name” because he’s the only one ever doing anything Raptors in 6.

WAS(4) vs ATL(5)

Floyd: As a Celtics fan I really hope the Wizards pull it out because we own them especially in Boston and the Hawks always fuck us raw. However the Wizards are considered in the same class as Boston and Toronto and they’re trying to prove they belong with the elite class of the Eastern Conference, and the Hawks really haven’t had a good season. Wizards in 6.

Michaels- This will be a tough series for Washington as Atlanta has players who are capable of stepping it up in the Playoffs. Expect a lot of close games in this one and at least one buzzer beater victory. Washington in 7.

Nate: One of the lower seeds in the East have to win a series so I’m going with the Hawks in 7.

Papa: Gonna Take Washington in 7. This will be the only good series in the first round in the east. John Wall is gonna play like a man and get the job done for his city.

Western Conference

GSW(1) vs POR(8)

Floyd: This series is a joke but everyone knows Dame is good for one dominating performance good enough for a win. Warriors in 5.

Michaels: Warriors in 4.

Nate: Warriors in 4.  No explanation needed.

Papa: look at how gay all of my co-writers are^, all just have the Warriors cocks in their mouth. I would love to pick Portland but they simply aren’t good enough. Warriors will dominate this series except for 1 game. Warriors in 5.

SAS(2) vs MEM(7)

Floyd: Grizzlies always make the playoffs despite not being good. Spurs will absolutely wash them in 4, least competitive series of the postseason.

Michaels- Tony Allen’s injury is gonna be a huge hit on the Grizzlie’s already small chances this year. Their D and bench is still solid but I can’t see them winning a game against playoff Spurs. Spurs in 4.

Nate: My pick for MVP Kawhi Leonard is too good for the Griz.  Memphis’ best defender Tony Allen is out so I think the Spurs will wrap this up in 5.

Papa: I don’t think anyone has ever watched the grizzlies play. Spurs are to good. Spurs in 4

HOU(3) vs OKC(6)

Floyd: Definitely the most intriguing matchup given the MVP race. I think Houston is better overall but I can not count on them in the postseason just yet, and Westbrook may go for 45 15 and 15 a game. I have rockets in a last second game 7 victory but I don’t feel great about it.

Michaels- Russell will have at least one performance dominant enough to win the team the game but he’s just not efficient enough to carry his team through a who series against a team like Houston. Rockets in 5.

Nate: Fuck James Harden.  Westbrook is a madman.  OKC in 7.

Papa: Houston is a good team but I think OKC will squeeze away with the upset. OKC in 7.

UTA(4) vs LAC(5)

Floyd: Up and coming overachieving young Jazz team who kinda came out of nowhere going against the more talented older experienced Clippers who will never make it out the second round. I think both these teams would get murdered in the second round, but it will be an interesting series. I have Clippers in 7.

Michaels- Rudy Gobert will definitely be a factor in containing the Clippers’ elite front court, and it will interesting to see how Hayward will perform under a spotlight he hasn’t really been in all season. In the end, I think the Clippers experience and the fact that they have a healthy Chris Paul will give them the edge. Clippers in 6.

Nate: Clips are always overrated and their regular season record does not reflect them as a whole.  But Clips in 6 because it rhymes.

Papa:  Clips choke, Jazz prove why a team nobody knows is pretty solid, Jazz in 7.


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