Whine and Dine: NASA Is Bullshit

Whine and Dine: NASA Is Bullshit

Whine and Dine is a weekly article I will be writing about something I have bitched about to a girl during the past week, which results in me embarrassing myself with my in-depth analysis of meaningless topics and ruining my chances.  This week’s topic is NASA.


NASA is a fucking scam.  In 2016, President Obama spent $19.3 Billion in taxpayer dollars.  That’s roughly 0.6% of the government spending budget.  Most of this funding is funneled into the pockets of the 1%.  The rest of the money is used for CGI and movie-like props to convince the public that things are being sent into space and that all $19.3 billion are being put to use.

Well they are not.  The moon landing wasn’t real.  And it was “made in a Hollywood basement”.  You know how I know the moon landing wasn’t real?  The moon isn’t even real.  I mean it’s real, it’s just not a physical object.  It’s like lights, and gases, and reflections n’ shit.  If you tried to fly a spaceship to the moon it would fly straight through it.  Essentially, the moon is a glorified cloud.

Why would the government lie about going into space you ask?  Aliens that’s why.  Aliens came down and contacted the government and told them to fuck off and cover up the fact they exist or they’ll destroy the planet.  So what the government has to do is pretend to go into space and say they have found no signs of intelligent life.

Oh, and aliens are among us, shape shifting and shit, like Men in Black.  They’ll probably abduct me tonight for exposing them so later everyone, it’s been real.

Stay woke.




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