Macaulay Culkin Was Molested

Macaulay Culkin Was Molested

Macaulay Culkin was without a doubt molested as a child and that’s why he’s a fucked up heroin addict who is in a band that is pure shit but he’s so strung out all the time that he actually thinks they’re good.

If you let a naive child star in two movies where he survives on his own and fights off burglars and criminals, he’s going to think it’s safe to stay home alone in real life. I’m sure the pedophiles of Los Angeles we’re preying on this boy waiting for him to just be alone in his house one time. “Oh I’d love for someone to break into my house and try to steal my shit because I’ll outsmart them. Oh you want to come into my house and touch my dick and finger my asshole?  Never learned how to defend myself from this in the movies.”

Not to mention he was like best friends with Michael Jackson and his parents used to let him sleep over his house, which is one of the strangest parenting moves of all-time.

Fast forward 25 years and shit finally caught up to him.  Honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if it turned out he was molested by Joe Pesci in a deleted scene.


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