What’s the Deal With Big Baller Brand? 

What’s the Deal With Big Baller Brand? 

Not gonna lie I dick ride the Ball brothers just like everyone else out there, but being completely honest I don’t even know why. The hype for young talent is crazy these days and has gotten completely out of hand. Yes, they are good at basketball but most of them will be nothing once they reach the next levels so who cares. My man Lavar Ball was just one step ahead of everyone else and decided to use the hype to make some serious money. I like the idea and I think what Lavar Ball is doing is genius. Guy acts like a complete maniac to draw attention to his kids who already get enough attention as it is (except Li’Angelo), and now he has the media by the balls. Been getting thrown around TV like he’s the biggest star out there appearing on SportsNation, First Take, and Undisputed. 

This guy is marketing the fuck out of Big Baller Brand. If his sons aren’t in a basketball jersey playing in a game they are repping Big Baller Brand. Try to find me a picture of him or his sons wearing something other then Big Baller Brand Clothing. 

I’ll wait….

That’s right you’re struggling because it’s all they fucking wear. Who even took this fucking picture, like where the fuck are they? 

I totally understand the move, it gets the brand out there but it gets ridiculous after a while when they have the same T-Shirt on every day just a different color. Sure I’m talking shit but we all know I have been on the site trying to purchase myself some BBB gear but it’s too expensive for a bum like me. As I said before I dick ride them hard and if Zo or Melo (Not Gelo, no one really cares about him) have a Big Baller Brand shirt, I want a Big Baller Brand shirt.

Now let’s talk money. Big Baller Brand is selling T-shirts for around an average of $55. I went on Nike to check their prices and they are selling shirts for around the same price. Only problem is Nike is selling dri fit and all this futuristic shit while Lavar Ball is selling me a T-shirt that I can make right now on Custom Ink for a better price. Nike is one of the most established brands out there I expect them to have high prices but not Big Baller Brand. Lavar needs to quit being a greedy whore and drop the prices so I can buy some merchandise in hopes of becoming his 4th son. I won a rec league MVP twice for ball in my life one in 7th grade and one this year so I don’t know where that ranks with your sons accomplishments but I would love to join the family. 

And if you didn’t actually believe me before, I went and designed my own Big Baller Brand shirt that I’m going to order for only $24.95, just imagine how cheap it would be per shirt if I ordered hundreds of them. Let me know if you want to order them, because I’ll start sellin em. Go ahead Lavar sue me I do not give a single fuck. 


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