What is “Domestic Violence” Anyway?

What is “Domestic Violence” Anyway?

Every couple fights right? People make mistakes right? Let me just put the rumors to rest. I, Floyd, am very much against domestic violence, and have also never committed it.

But see here’s the tricky part, my girlfriend is a strong, aggressive, independent woman who doesn’t have time to deal with my bullshit. Normal women might voice their displeasure vocally, either by yelling or just saying they don’t fuck with your attitude right now. Shontell just fucking assaults me.

And look, I have no issue with it. I don’t mind if you wanna pinch me, scratch me, bite me, slap me all you want. But sometimes a man gets fed up. A man who has a sketchy history with anger issues including punching a window and almost bleeding to death, requring major surgery to repair damaged nerves. 

So yea, I put her in a chokehold once or twice. I may or may not have given her a pimp slap. Clothing may have gotten torn. Is that domestic violence?

Shontell has absolutely no fear around me. She thinks I’m a total pussy, so in the eyes of the law I believe I’m just defending myself. But when I tell everyone these stories, I get treated like fucking Ray Rice. I’m a free man and I know my god damn rights bitch. And for the record, she reads the blog so maybe now that I’m standing up for myself she’ll give me some more fucking respect or I’ll have to rip off another pair of underwear.


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