This is the End For Derrick Rose’s Career

This is the End For Derrick Rose’s Career

I’m calling it right now Derrick Rose will never step foot on a basketball court at the NBA level again. Hearing this brings me to tears because I remember always dickriding him during his time at Memphis. A great basketball player with a massive amount of talent but his career has been plagued by injuries.

 Derrick Rose had single handedly put the Bulls on top of the Eastern Conference during his time there. In 2010-2011 MVP season Rose averaged 25 points and 7.7 assists making him the leagues youngest ever player to win the MVP at 22 years and 6 months. After that season the 2012-2012 season Rose lead the Bulls to the number 1 seed in the East, but later that season in the first round of the playoffs against the sixers Rose tears his ACL. And this was when shit began to hit the fan. He missed the next season because of the injury and came back in 2013-2014 averaging 15.9 points and 4.3 assists. Not bad coming off a big injury that sidelined him for a whole season but in that same season 10 games in he tears his meniscus. Returned next season and from 2014-2016 he averaged around 17 points and 5 assists. 

This offseason Rose was involved in a trade that sent him to New York to play for the Knicks and to tell you the truth I thought this was exactly what he needed, a fresh start and who better than the Knicks (One of NBA’s “Superteams”). On the Knicks he was averaging 18 points and 4.4 assists until Monday’s game on the 27th against the Pistons where he tore his meniscus once again. Don’t get me wrong I love Derrick Rose and I think it’s incredible how hard he works to always come back and play at a high level. I would love to see the man succeed I’m a huge fan but this upcoming season he’s an unrestricted free agent and he’s reported saying he wants a max deal and that’s not gonna happen. I can’t predict the future but I’m gonna take a shot and say Derrick Rose is done playing basketball.


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