The Gym: Pros and Cons

The Gym: Pros and Cons

Some people love going to the gym and others dread going. At the end of the day after a nice session of working out you feel fucking great about yourself. There’s something about going to the gym that just kind of boosts your ego and makes you feel like a better human being. I’ll go on a treadmill for five minutes and think I’m ready to take on Usain Bolt in a 100m. Or I’ll curl a 20lb dumbbell and all of a sudden I feel like challenging “The Rock” to a wrestling match and slamming him. But at the end of the day I’m just a weak body.

There’s a lot of good things about the gym but there’s also a lot of shitty things about the gym. 

Pros: Girls with thick asses, Getting in shape, taking your mind off of things.

I’ll be on the bench maxing out at 135 but then I look to my left and I see a fat ass, I’m immediately grabbing at least 90 more Lbs and slapping it onto both sides of the bar and putting it up. When there’s baddies around it’s in my head I need to put up more weight and I do. I’m telling you gyms need to hire women with nice asses to just walk around coming up to men while they lift saying shit like “One more daddy” and “Don’t stop now, keep going harder”, and I’m convinced obesity numbers are dropping at least 15%. The gym is nice to just really get into shape and be active instead of just sitting around doing nothing all day and it can also make you just forget about all the shitty things in life you have to deal with later because in the gym your only focus is to become the strongest nigga alive.

Cons: Girls talking about irrelevant shit, equipment hogs, people who slam weights, people who flex in the mirrors.

By all this I pretty much mean the assholes of the gym. The people who you can already tell are ripped and in shape but just in case you didn’t know they’re going to show you anyways. Oh sweet man ur squating 900, yes drop it after your finished so the whole fucking gym shakes you cockhead. Also after you finish your curls you can stop flexing, ripping snapchats, we get it your on steroids. Girls might be even worse. Just today actually I forgot my headphones (shame on me), but I’m in the middle of an ab exercise and these two thotties are talking about how folded they were last night and how she sucked two of her friends dicks. This isn’t the exact quote but it was something like this “I sucked his dick and his bitch was mad at me, I told her to say one fucking word to me and I would fuck her up” this is all while they are sitting on there phones doing nothing but hey at least they were at the gym right? 

Some of this shit is annoying as fuck but at the end of the day you gotta fight through all the bullshit, put in some headphones and put that work in.


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