Jeb Bush Sucks At Politics So He Wants To Buy The Marlins Instead

Jeb Bush Sucks At Politics So He Wants To Buy The Marlins Instead

Fox Business –  At least three possible bidders have emerged to purchase the Miami Marlins baseball team including one representing the country’s most prominent political family, and one representing a future Hall of Famer, the FOX Business Network has learned.

Former New York Yankees star shortstop Derek Jeter has expressed interest in bidding for the team, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. He is being represented in talks with Marlins president David Samson by veteran Wall Street executive and former Morgan Stanley (MS) brokerage chief Gregory Fleming, who now runs his own investment banking boutique, the people say.

Another major contender is a group headed by former Florida Governor and one-time GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who is teaming up with Citigroup (C) to finance a possible official bid, these people add.

What happens when Donald Trump shits on your life for almost an entire year?  You quit.  You pack up your shit and hop on the next train out of town.  Jeb Bush has worn out his welcome in the political world.  His brother did 9/11 and his wife probably fucked Donald Trump on the campaign trail so you can’t blame him for trying to start a new chapter in his life.

But Jeb isn’t the only big name involved in this bidding war.  Derek Jeter, the most likeable Yankee of all-time, is also involved, which means Jeb isn’t winning this battle.  His brother did 9/11 and Jeter is probably gonna fuck his wife during this bidding process.  The guy is a lifelong loser who just needs to stay in his lane and join a Tuesday night bowling league.





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