How Tony Romo’s Retirement Fucked the Majority of NFL Teams

How Tony Romo’s Retirement Fucked the Majority of NFL Teams

A lot of people think that Tony Romo is a choke whore and a turnover machine, but Tony Romo was the Dallas Cowboys only hope for a long time. Before Dak showed up backup Quarterbacks for Dallas were absolute sewage. Romo made his first start week 8 2008 and since then has missed 27 games. In those games Cowboys backups are 7-20. Not that this is a problem for Dallas anymore because they found there guy in Prescott but I have a strange feeling Romo fucked some other NFL teams.

Let me start by naming some current starters on NFL teams as of right now. Josh McCown, Cody Kessler, Tom Savage, Mike Glennon, Brian Hoyer. These are just the bums I decided to name. Now I’ll name Quaterbacks that aren’t that bad but I’d still take Romo over. Jarred Goff, Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Trevor Siemian and Blake Bortles. That’s 10 teams right there that if they got Romo would upgrade their Starting QB. Not that Osweiler was doing the Texans any good but I assume they got rid of him to sign Romo and now there sitting there with their dick in their hand and Tom Savage as their starting QB.

I could care less because I’ve had the blessing to live in a time where Bill Belichick and Tom Brady lead my team to W’s every Sunday, just feel bad for all these teams that Tony Romo could have made so much better and some even playoff contenders.


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