Impaired Insights NBA Awards

Impaired Insights NBA Awards


  • elbowjumpshot – Russell Westbrook

He’s had one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA history. Averaging a triple double and leading the NBA in scoring is something we may never see again in our lifetimes and people don’t seem to appreciate that. People rash on him for his record but he’s in the playoffs and that’s all that matters.

  • Floyd – James Harden

Just from the eyeball test, Harden’s been the best player in the league. The Rockets have been ballin this year and I can’t wait to see how they perform in the postseason. Also, he’s been playing decent defense and not stat whoring like Westbrook.

  • Nate – Kawhi Leonard (SAS)

After Tim Duncan’s retirement, the Spurs could’ve turned into a dumpster fire and nobody would’ve batted an eye. I expected them to maybe slip into the playoffs has no higher than a 6th seed. But now they are heading into the playoffs with the second best record in the league and it’s all because of Kawhi Leonard. He is the glue that holds his team together. He is the sun that the rest of these washed up role players revolve around. Without Leonard, the spurs would possibly not even be in the playoffs, never mind be a championship contender.

  • Ben Mike – Kawhi Leonard

I can’t explain this without going for hours, so I’m just gonna briefly explain my entire ranking:

4. Lebron James – He has Kyrie and Love on his team but he still can’t get the best record in the East. Sorry Lebron, not this year.

3. Russell Westbrook – I’ll never vote MVP for a guy on a 6th place team who’s shit at defense, outside the top 100 in true shooting percentage, and turns the ball over 5.4 times a game. I don’t care how many stat padding uncontested rebounds and pick and roll assists he gets.

2. James Harden – Harden is having a hell of a season and I would not be upset at all if he won. The main reasons I wouldn’t vote for him are his lack of defense (although it has been better this season), his turnovers per game, and his relative mediocracy in the 4th quarter compared to the other candidates (something not a lot of people have talked about). He’s just not the guy I would choose if I needed somebody to win me one game.

1. Kawhi Leonard – What’s to be said about this guy that hasn’t already been said? He’s the best two way player since Kobe (maybe better). He’s widely considered the best defender in the NBA while still being one of the best scorers in the league. People point to his underwhelming assist numbers but he’s the centerpiece of an offense that’s 6th in the NBA in assists even though their top assisted averages 6 a game. He doesn’t get assists because that’s how Pop’s system is.

  • Papa – Russell Westbrook 

A lot of guys putting up really good stats this year but if you are foolish enough to throw a vote to anyone besides Westbrook you’re a clown. People are quick to say his teammates let him get the stats for the triple doubles but he’s on a shit team and has to go off every night if they want to win. Harden is great but gets a lot of help from his supporting cast and also has led the league in turnovers the last two years. If you give Harden the vote because his team has a better record that’s the same as trying to argue that Bill Russell is the best center of all time just because of his rings.

Rookie of the Year: 

  • elbowjumpshot – Dario Saric

Really couldn’t decide between Saric and Brogdon, especially after Brogdon’s clutch shot over Bradley against the Celtics. But Saric has been more consistent over the course of the year and has stepped up since Embiid’s injury

  • Floyd – Joel Embiid

So I get he played 33 games. But there isn’t one rookie even CLOSE to his production level. If Jaylen played as well he has lately in the first half of the season, I’d give him the edge, but he hasn’t had consistent minutes or production like Embiid.

  • Nate – Joel Embiid (PHI)

I don’t know much about this guy but all I know is he slams ass and he’s charismatic as fuck. And because of those Photoshops he made of him and Rihanna he has my vote for Rookie of the Year until 2022.

  • Ben Mike – Joel Embiid

So he only played 33 games this year. But if you take the term literally, Embiid is unquestionably THE rookie of this year. Not only was he easily the best, but he was by far the most talked about and has the most anticipated future.

  • Papa – Joel Embiid

I could care less how many games he played, he is the best rookie and it’s really not close. Offensively and Defensively he really dominated until his injury and in my opinion I can’t even imagine any of these other guys receiving a trophy for being the best rookie in the league.

Sixth Man of the Year: 

  • elbowjumpshot – Lou Williams

Lou Williams came off the bench and consistently gave the Lakers a scoring threat off the bench every night and helped them to get off to a decent start before the tank came in. Since then, he’s continued balling for the Rockets.

  • Floyd – Eric Gordon

Incredible comeback year for this kid. I remember when he played for the Clippers and had amazing potential but could not stay on the court. Now he is running the show in Houston as he competes with his teammate Lou Williams for the award, I give the edge to Gordon because I feel he is more valuable all around whereas Lou is just a pure scorer.

  • Nate – Patty Mills (SAS)

I love Patty Mills. Always have, always will. He’s got that pure shot release in 2K and he helped Australia cover the spread almost every game during the 2016 Summer Olympics. He’s averaging 10 points a game off the bench the season and is the second most crucial part of that San Antonio team behind Kawai Leonard.

  • Ben Mike – Eric Gordon

Of course James Harden is the main reason for the Rockets’ success, but a team can only go so far without a good bench. Eric Gordon has been the anchor of the bench all season long.

  • Papa – Lou Williams

“6th man like Lou Will” as Drake once said as Lou Williams won the award in 2015. It’s gone Crawford 14, Williams 15, Crawford 16, and we know what’s next. His scoring is good with a percentage right with Gordon’s. Also I believe Lou Williams is the better passer averaging more assists.

Most Improved Player:

  • elbowjumpshot – Giannis Antetokounmpo

He’s put an injury hit Bucks team in the 5 seed in the East and will most likely be on the All-NBA 2nd Team.

  • Floyd – Isaiah Thomas

On most NBA years he would probably either win the MVP or be runner up. Unfortunately for IT, Harden and Westbrook are shattering record books. However he has truly increased his offensive production at an unbelievable rate, putting up 30 a night and being the only Celtic who can consistently score and create his own shot. Even if he’s weak on defense, his scoring AND court vision more than makes up for it.

  • Nate – Devin Booker (PHX)

Me in 2016: “Who the fuck is Devin Booker?”

Me in 2017: “Who the fuck is Devin Booker and how is he dropping a 70-burger on the C’s?”

Well I looked into it and he’s in his sophomore season averaging 22 points per game after averaging 14 his rookie year. That puts him on pace to average 54 a game in the year 2021 which is not a ridiculous expectation after his performance against the Celtics earlier this season.

  • Ben Mike – Nikola Jokic

When was the last time we saw a big man that was this good at passing while still being a legit offensive threat? While most sophomore players are still trying to find their game in this league, Jokic is already being bred as a franchise player. 

  • Papa – Devin Booker

Devin Booker in my opinion has made the biggest jump from last year to this year. It may be too early to call but he is the suns franchise player. His stats skyrocketed from last year to now.

Defensive Player of the Year:

  • elbowjumpshot – Rudy Gobert

Gobert is a one man interior defense for the Jazz. Leads the league in Blocks and Defensive FG%. No disrespect to Draymond or Kawhi but you can’t ignore Gobert’s performance on D.

  • Floyd – Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi should be a lock to win this award every year unless he is injured or close to retirement. One of the best on-ball defenders in NBA history, his length, athleticism, footwork, and quick hands allow him to guard all 5 positions and effectively put the opposing team’s best player on “Revis Island.”

  • Nate – Tony Allen

Ever heard the phrase “always the bridesmaid never the bride”?  Well Tony’s been named to the NBA’s All-Defensive 1st team three times and the 2nd team two times yet he’s never won DPOY.  Just give it to him one time.  It’ll be like a pity fuck.

  • Ben Mike – Draymond Green

Honestly I feel like this award could easily go to Green, Kawhi, or Gobert. I’ll give it to Green because he leads the league in steals per game while still being an elite rim protector. That type of versatility is something that teams would kill for and is the reason why the Warriors are consistently one of the best defenses in the league.

  • Papa- Draymond Green (unfortunately)

In my opinion Leonard is the best defender in the league but I think the award will go to Draymond. He is just so versatile and can guard any position and lock it up. He also leads the league in steals.

Coach of the Year: 

  • elbowjumpshot – Erik Spoelstra

Miami Heat are in the playoffs after an 11-30 start. The Heat play great defense and nobody wants to play them at the moment.

  • Floyd – Brad Stevens

The Celtics are competing for the 1 seed for the first time since LeBron was still in Cleveland the first time around, and with much less talent than their competitors. With a lineup full of holes, including 0 rebounding or interior defense, Brad has gotten the absolute most out of each and every one of his players and he is still the best X’s and O’s in-game coach in the league.

  • Nate – Scott Brooks (WAS)

Scotty has turned the Wizards, a team who missed the playoffs last season, into the 4th best team in the Eastern Conference. After coaching seven seasons in Oklahoma City, Brooks has found his new Westbrook in John Wall and will lead the Wizards to an NBA Finals appearance within the next four years.

  • Ben Mike – Brad Stevens

Did anyone expect the Celtics to be where they are right now? Brad has masterfully fit role players into his system and led the a team with clear flaws to the best record in basketball. Personally, as an all defense guy I wouldn’t feel right voting an offensive minded coach like D’antoni, and I really don’t get why people are giving Spoelstra so much credit. I get that they started off horrible and now they’re rolling but with the talent they have I’m really not impressed with an under .500 record.

  • Papa – Mike D’Antoni 

The rockets went from 41-41 as an 8 seed to currently 52-25 this year as a 3 seed. They have an MVP candidate in Harden and what I believe is the deepest roster in the league with bench players like Gordon & Williams. This team went from average to a HUGE threat in the Western Conference.


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