Being a Lakers Fan in Boston – Part I

Being a Lakers Fan in Boston – Part I

Outside of New England, people can see how obnoxious and wild Boston sports fans are. The Us against the World mentality that Boston has is not only wrong but only pisses off other fanbases as well. Being a Lakers fan, I am resigned to listening to deluded Celtics fans compare Isaiah Thomas to Michael Jordan and discussing their chances in the finals completely disregarding the greatest basketball player of our time Lebron James.

Here are some of the hot takes about the Celtics that I’ve heard from various fans who truly believe these claims:

  • Brad Stevens is coach of the year

Now I can see how a Celtics fan could say this. Stevens is currently leading his team to the playoffs as a 1 seed over the Cavs and has them playing good basketball heading into the playoffs. However, the jobs of Mike D’Antoni and Erik Spolestra blow Stevens accomplishments out of the water. D’Antoni, who did fuck all with the Lakers, has the Rockets with the 3rd best record in the league and turned Harden into an MVP frontrunner moving him to the point. Spolestra on the other hand has turned around a team of bums and has them currently in the playoffs after an 11-30 start. Both coaches are impossible to ignore in comparison to Stevens.

  • Al Horford is a Top 5 center

The takes are heating up. Al Horford was a big signing for the Celtics in the offseason but many fans overestimate his value. Horford is a guy who does a lot of stuff well and isn’t outstanding at one aspect of the game. He’s a great 4th option after a big 3, similar to Barnes in Golden State last year before the finals. He isn’t at the level of a Gobert, Boogie, KAT, Whiteside, Drummond, or Jordan.

  • Isaiah Thomas is the 2nd best player in the East

No, he isn’t. Isaiah Thomas benefits from having a great defensive perimeter allowing him to dominate on offense and hide his defensive weakness on the other end. Because of this, he’s able to shine and drop 30 a night. What Celtics fans don’t realize is that on a team with no Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart, IT would be exposed and exploited by other teams, something Wall, Lowry, Kyrie, and even Harden don’t have to worry about. Celtics fans will always hit you with the “So what if he can’t play defense, he still drops 30 a night!” and then “Harden doesn’t play defense and he’s an MVP candidate!” Even then, they can’t see that even though Harden isn’t a great defender he’s an upgrade from the defense IT provides. IT has a case for top 5 but nothing more.

  • I wouldn’t trade Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, and Brooklyn’s 2018 pick for Lebron

Yeah, a Celtics fan said that they wouldn’t trade a 28 year old point guard who has atrocious defense, a backup point guard, and a first round pick for the greatest player of out generation. Let that sink in.

As the playoffs approach, these takes will get hotter and the abuse will continue to mount on me as soon as I object to any hot take from a Celtics fan along with a reminder that the Lakers are not in the playoffs. Fun times in Boston.




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