Apparently There’s 2 Santas:And You’ll Never Guess What – They Fuck

Apparently There’s 2 Santas:And You’ll Never Guess What – They Fuck

Daily Wire – A new picture book called Santa’s Husband will feature a gay Santa Claus in an interracial relationship.

The book, which is published by Harper’s Design, will hit stores on October 10 and is apparently “meant for all ages.”

According to a description of the book, Santa’s Husband “tells the story of a black Santa Claus and his white husband who both live in the North Pole. Santa’s spouse frequently fills in for his husband at malls,” notes TIME.

Absolutely wild stuff. 2 Santas in a big happy gay interracial relationship. I’m kind of an expert on this since I’ve been in an interracial relationship for over a year and I grew up watching my little brother struggle with his sexuality. But really, Santa fucking Clause? The secondary symbol of Christianity after Jesus? Whether Jesus was white or black, I know for sure there was only one, and he wouldn’t go around fucking himself even if there was 2.

Do they split up the world, one takes west hemisphere, one takes east, and then bang on the equator in Brazil or some shit after a long, hard, night on the job? Certainly must help being in the sun after 364 days dealing with shrinkage in the north pole. 

Everybody knows Black Santa is the top, and picturing our traditional representation of childhood innocence and purity getting his ass plowed by a BBC should be enough to give even the biggest liberals nightmares.


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