America is Inching Towards a Beef Even Black Twitter Isn’t Prepared For

America is Inching Towards a Beef Even Black Twitter Isn’t Prepared For

What happens when two people are so abrasive, so good at garnering unwarranted attention, and so confident in their own opinions that when they clash the world can’t handle the fire hot takes and the planet literally spontaneously combusts? Well, we’re dangerously close to having to confront that situation.

Now I’m not sure how big of a basketball fan President Trump is, and I’m sure he’s too busy doing presidential things like golfing and watching Fox News to follow ESPN too much, but I’m sure his advisors have briefed him on Lavar Ball right? It’s pretty easy to picture how a beef between these two people could start. Lavar says something mildly insulting about Trump on his 27th straight appearence on First Take. Trump fires back a tweet that says something along the lines of “Lavar Ball, who’s son I’ve heard is very overrated by the way, knows nothing about starting a business. SAD!” From that point who knows what happens. A more peaceful president like Barry Obama might challenge Lavar to a friendly one-on-one at the White House, but I’m afraid a beef and the Donald would be much more catastrophic.

Then again, maybe their beef won’t be catastrophic after all, for the two do have a lot in common. Both have a tendency to make strong claims with little to no backing evidence, and both are very good at pretending to know what the fuck they’re talking about even if they don’t. Plus, Lavar Ball is a black man (No evidence of black face yet, but who knows where the Ball saga might take us next) and nobody loves black people more than Trump. I guess only time will tell, but I hope your Fire Take Bunker is as state of the art as the one I’m making.



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